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Adrianne   Martin

Like best: For years I have believed in the healing potential of CBD but it wasn't until my older male cat started having seizures that I got to truly experience it's potential. I was frustrated with vets, not getting answers nor were they showing a level of concern or urgency to help. It was then I started researching CBD for seizures specifically in cats and made the decision to pursue this possibility. This is when I found the AMAZING people here! Knowledgeable, experienced, answered all my questions, and made excellent recommendations. I was only coming to use CBD to hopefully reduce the frequency of the sezuires but to my delightful surprise it 100% stopped them after the first day I administered the CBD! Remmy has been seizure free for over a week and I am shouting from the rafters about it! I know Bee Active is a high quality product , with high quality sourcing backed with people who are passionate and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for everything!!

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: I am a customer for life!

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