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Certificates of Analysis (CoAs)


All products are third-party lab tested.

Tinctures- Isolate Unflavored

Tinctures- Full-Spec Unflavored

Tinctures- Isolate Focus Drops

Tinctures- Isolate Sleep Drops

Tinctures- Isolate Pet 

Tinctures- Isolate CBD+CBN

Tinctures- Isolate CBD+CBG

Lotion- Isolate Unscented 

Pet Treats- Isolate

Cream- Lavender

Lotion- Isolate Lavender

CBN- Night Time Gummy Isolate

CBN- Night Time Gummy Full-Spec

CBN- Night Time Soft Gels

CBD Salmon Tincture

CBD Isolate Pet Tincture Unflavored

Salve-Night Time CBN

CBN- Night Time Salmon Tincture

Pet Peanut Butter

Salve- Lavender

Salve- Frankincense

Pet Salve

Pet Tincture- Night Time Bone Broth Tincture

Massage Oil- Lavender + Frankincense

Honey Sticks

Cooling Salve

Horse Treats

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