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A Pure (Or Shall We Say Purrr) Way to Ease Pet Stress

Our CBN:CBD Oil for Pets was designed with the belief that they deserve the absolute best. And so, this full spectrum pet tincture is made with the same high-quality CBD found in our other Bee Active products, blending it with premium CBN oil and lipid-infused hemp oil.

This formula is crafted to ease your pet’s stress, boost their sense of tranquility, and reduce muscle/joint inflammation. We’ve tested our Bone Broth Collagen flavor blend to ensure your dog or cat will love it! And delivery is simple—just use the dropper we provide to add it to their favorite treat or place it directly on their tongue.

6:1 (CBD:CBN) Ratio Blend
575mg or 1150mg CBD & CBN per bottle.

Flavor: Bone Broth Collagen
This product is designed specifically for adult cats and dogs.

We recommend consulting your veterinarian before use.

Night Time Relief CBN Pet Tincture

PriceFrom $40.00
Sales Tax Included
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